A Company of Passion


If you want to get to know the minds behind AFT, there is no better outlet than the podcast we produced in 2012 while in rehearsals for Hamlet. It is equally informative and goofy, as well as free and available through iTunes. Check it out!


Produced by Austen Anderson, Ian McNeely, Jay Minton, Brian Carston and Kit Crawford.



The Animal Fire Podcast:

Episode One – Why Shakespeare?


Episode Two – What’s Hamlet’s Deal?

Austen, Jay Minton, and Ian McNeely share their thoughts on Hamlet. What’s this play about? Why is it is special? How do they all feel about acting/directing it?


Episode Three – Young Directors.

Austen, Jay, and special guest Jeff Painter talk about directing and how to lie to actors.


Episode Four – Acting, Scansion and You.

Debut of our first new segement: Guess the quote! We also get into how scansion and acting can help or hinder you. An AFTheare point/counter-point.


Episode Five – Critic’s Choice

Special guest Christian Carvajal gives his perspective on being a theatre critic, gender roles, and the horror’s of Michael Bay!


Episode Six – Affirmative Fire Podcast

Special guests Em Jones and Kate Arvin discuss special challenges facing women in Shakespeare.


Episode Seven – On location!

Ian and Austen talk on location about the final weeks worth of production work for Hamlet.


Episode Eight – Opening Night.

Ian, Jay, and Austen talk about opening Hamlet, giving notes, and Austen finally manages to win a round of “guess the quote!”