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Julius Caesar Superstar or Supervillain?

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1. Tragedy as Policy Shakespeare was no historian. In Julius Caesar, he moves people and events around as he pleases to serve his story, not a slavish recreation of scholarship’s best guess at the facts. Shakespeare understood that we have history to tell us what happened and art to tell us how it felt. For a tragedian, the fatal contradictions of the period have an irresistible draw. Republican Rome brought the whole world to heel only to consume itself. The republican […]

Did you know…

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Fun Fact of the Day: “On the way across the Aegean Sea, Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and held prisoner. He maintained an attitude of superiority throughout his captivity. When the pirates thought to demand a ransom of twentytalents of silver, he insisted they ask for fifty. After the ransom was paid, Caesar raised a fleet, pursued and captured the pirates, and imprisoned them. He had them crucified on his own authority, as he had promised while in captivity—a promise the pirates had taken as a joke. […]