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Coming Summer 2015: The Life and Death of King John

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The Life and Death of KING JOHN at PRIEST POINT PARK. Thursdays through Sundays, Aug 6th through 23rd – all shows at 6:30pm Admission is FREE Donations are gratefully accepted … and sharp looking t-shirts will be available! Little-known and rarely produced in modern times, King John takes place a little more than a century after the Norman Conquest of 1066.  The laws of regal succession were not yet established, leading to bloody contention for the crown. The reign of […]

Somewhen Else

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Twenty years ago, it was ten til curtain. We didn’t have dressing rooms, exactly, but the garden behind the fancy old historical registry house we’d made a stage of had enough twists and pockets that the boys and girls had their own places to get changed. I was just out of middle school and just getting started with the slow motion werewolf mutation called puberty. I had a pair of tights in my hands, rolled up into this tiny hoop […]

This Dog Our Dog

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This Dog Our Dog

Once I complete my time machine, my first stop will be the doctor’s office for every vaccination and booster shot known to modern medicine. My second stop will be 1590s London, where I will catch every Lord Chamberlain’s Men show that I possibly can, buy hella oranges and make friends with enough of them that they start inviting me to cast parties. Once I’ve got Burbage and Kempe and Pope and all the rest of them in the same room […]

Beautiful Failures

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Beautiful Failures

When I first began to consider out loud the prospect of doing The Two Gentlemen of Verona, I received a surprisingly homogenous reply from my theatrical colleagues: “But, what about that troublesome end scene? How will you solve that problem?”  If you haven’t read the play or seen our show yet (which you should!): huge spoiler alert. Here’s the plot in a nutshell: Valentine and Proteus are best bros in Verona, where Proteus is stupid in love with the fair […]

Julius Caesar Superstar or Supervillain?

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1. Tragedy as Policy Shakespeare was no historian. In Julius Caesar, he moves people and events around as he pleases to serve his story, not a slavish recreation of scholarship’s best guess at the facts. Shakespeare understood that we have history to tell us what happened and art to tell us how it felt. For a tragedian, the fatal contradictions of the period have an irresistible draw. Republican Rome brought the whole world to heel only to consume itself. The republican […]

Did you know…

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Fun Fact of the Day: “On the way across the Aegean Sea, Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and held prisoner. He maintained an attitude of superiority throughout his captivity. When the pirates thought to demand a ransom of twentytalents of silver, he insisted they ask for fifty. After the ransom was paid, Caesar raised a fleet, pursued and captured the pirates, and imprisoned them. He had them crucified on his own authority, as he had promised while in captivity—a promise the pirates had taken as a joke. […]

Angry, Angry Actors (and directors.)

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By Austen Anderson   Hello, and welcome to another installment of the Animal Fire Blog.  As I write this we’re in our 5th week of Hamlet rehearsals with just another 2 weeks until we open. I hope you’re all getting excited about our up-coming show, I know I am. The cast is doing a lot of terrific work, and I can’t wait until you all get to see their accomplishments. How about sometime around July 19th? Okay, enough shameless plugging. Time to get […]

Rough Magic

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By Austen Anderson   Today I’m going to head off of the beaten path. I’m going to try to talk about things that are completely without substance.  The unseen, unknown, and the unmeasurable. I want to talk about the special energy that separates normal theatre from the theatre that is transcendent. Everyone who has enjoyed theatre has a story about it. When the show just felt right. When it moved them. When it was powerful or electric or energizing. It […]

A Mirror Up To Nature

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By Austen Anderson   Hello everyone and welcome to our third week of blogs, podcasts, and Shakespeare! We’ve so far been very broad in our discussions, but today I would like to start honing in onto some more nuts and bolts aspects of Shakespeare. One of the things I want to do with this blog is to highlight specific lines from the text of Hamlet that I find particularly fascinating. Often there is a disconnect between watching a production of Shakespeare and reading the […]

Airborne Weaponized Poetry

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By Austen Anderson   Well, here we are. I’ve made it through the first week of Hamlet rehearsals. I shouldn’t really say “made it through” like it was a trying trek through the jungle. The first week of rehearsal is usually one of the most enjoyable for a director, as I finally get to hear the team I’ve assembled start speaking the words that I have spent so much time in studying and preparing. However, today I want to talk to you […]